Danish Folk Songs

Elephants Lullaby

Lyrics English

Now the stars ignite in the blue skyThe half-moon raises its sableI keep watching, so the bad mouseWill not sneak into your trunkSleep tight, little Jumbo, rock-a-byeNow the wood is getting darkNow aunty, the old ostrich, is sleepingAnd so is your uncle, the rhinoceros.
Now the wild beast calls in its sleepIn the brushwood of the big lianasAnd the monkeys sing themselves to sleep,in the cradle of green bananas.Sleep tight, little Jumbo, you little darlingYou will want for nothing, my friendTomorrow you will have a coconutThat you will use as a rattle.

Lyrics Danish

See http://stass.dk/stina/sange/sangb_elefantensvugge.htm

När som jag var på mitt adertonde år

("As I was on my eighteenth year" - described as Swedish on the YT page and in
http://marcelgomessweden.wordpress.com/2011/07/19/swedish-traditional-folksong-nar-som-jag-var-pa-mitt-adertonde-ar/ - which gives the lyrics both in the original and in English).

Subtitling page: http://www.universalsubtitles.org/en/videos/63XeqaA6gtsX/info/swedish-traditional-folksong-nar-som-jag-var-pa-mitt-adertonde-ar/
Swedish and English subtitles done
Other wiki page: http://musiccaptioning.wikispaces.com/N%C3%A4r+som+jag+var+p%C3%A5+mitt+adertonde+%C3%A5r