How to use this Wiki

The purpose of the FolkDC wiki is to provide a space for schools and teachers to add their classroom productions or Folk songs of their region to the project. You will need to register and be approved before adding your content.

You can add a YouTube video, a audio recording and the transcript of the lyrics and an explanation about the song.

If you do not know how to add a video or audio to this site please watch this video.

Adding a video

To add a video to a page please watch this video.Point.gif Please note, your video should already have been uploaded on to YouTube or any other permitted video website.

Adding an Audio file

To add an audio file to a page please watch this video Point.gif. To start the process please have the audio file ready on your your computer.

To add the lyrics of the song, just copy/paste the text in to the page.

Thank you for your contributions.