Romanian Folk Songs

Vine badea pe carare...
by The Little Bells, 4 A Grade, Scoala Gimnaziala Nr.9, Nicolae Orghidan, Brasov, Romania

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Hei, turai!
Vine badea pe carare,
Coboara din deal in vale,
Poarta traista pe spinare
Si brau fain la cingatoare,
Hop, s-asa, s-asa, hop, s-asa, s-asa

Hei, turai!
Uita-te, mai, bade, bine,
Ca rad fetele de tine,
Fiindca nu stii a juca,
Nu te-o-nvatat maica-ta!
Hop, s-asa, s-asa, hop, s-asa, s-asa

Hey, tzuray!
The young man comes on the path,
Down from the hill into the valley
He wears a bag on his back
And a nice belt
Hop, shasha, shasha

Hey, tzuray!
Pay attention, young man
The girls are laughing at you,
Because you don't know how to dance..
You're mother didn't teach you ...
Hop, shasha, shasha

Vulpe tu mi-ai furat gasca...

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